The Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) is pleased to announce the newly endowed Harriette Clark Cook Community Fund, an unrestricted fund to provide grant funding for organizations in the GACF service area.  

Established by Harriette Cook, the Fund represents her connection to the community.

“The Greenville community means a lot to me and the Cook family. One of my first volunteer efforts was to help raise money to get the foundation started, so it’s a completed circle for me,” Harriette shared, “Community foundations were new to the area but we, my husband Bill & I, knew we wanted to be involved. We first did so by starting the William & Harriette Cook Literacy Fund in 1998. I’m so pleased to be able to add support by starting this new endowment.” 

The Fund will provide a legacy of philanthropy to the community for years to come, prioritizing the interest areas Harriette values- civic involvement, diverse & equitable opportunities, mental/emotional health programs, and underserved populations, including the LGBTQ+ community.   

“The best way to understand and contribute to a community is to be involved. Greenville is a friendly, collaborative, progressive community and it’s important to me to help provide for needs as they change over time and support these areas of interest well into the future.”  

The Greenville Area Community Foundation Board of Trustees is honored to welcome the Fund to the GACF family of funds. To give a gift to the Harriette Clark Cook Community Fund, click here, and select the GACF Division of Funds.