Affiliate Funds

The GACF serves other communities in Montcalm County by investing and managing assets designated for their purposes and by providing administrative and operational support. We are proud to currently support two geographic affiliate funds – the Lakeview Area Community Fund (LACF) and the Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund (MPCF) – that directly benefits their specific areas. All earnings from their endowment funds go back to the area as grants approved by the local Advisory Committees and supported by the GACF Board of Trustees.

The LACF covers the area served by the Lakeview school district and the MPCF serves the Townships of Reynolds, Winfield, Pierson, Maple Valley and their communities.

If you are interested in creating a fund that would directly benefit your area or community within Montcalm County, you are encouraged to contact Alison Barberi, GACF President and CEO at 616-754-2640 or by email.