The Greenville Area Community Foundation is honored to announce the newly endowed Jacket Strong Scholarship Fund- In Memory of Jamison Lafferty. In August of 2023, at age 14, Jamison Lafferty was tragically taken from this world. His parents, Alee and Justin Lafferty, established the scholarship fund in his memory.

“His sudden passing has surely been a moment of immense heartache, but through love and support from our family, friends, community, those we know and even those we did not know, it’s surely been the gratitude that all of us will never forget. With the help of everyone, this scholarship will allow recipients the opportunity to receive support toward their schooling after high school graduation. As parents of Jamison, we believed in the path that Jamison was on- the path that took hard work and heart. It was his love for athletics, school, his peers, and most importantly God that made Jamison special in our eyes & in the eyes of so many others. This is the reason why we would like to support students who are walking along this same path. It’s an opportunity to carry out Jamison’s legacy and to give assistance to an upcoming graduate’s, bright future. Through Jamison, we believe God has brought this community together and has raised us up to always and forever be “Jacket Strong”.

The fund’s first scholarship will be awarded to a graduate from the Class of 2024. To make a gift to the Jacket Strong Scholarship Fund- In Memory of Jamison Lafferty, click here, and select the GACF Division of Funds.