The Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG) and the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) are pleased to announce grant awards totaling over $300,000 to support local education programs.

The 2023 grants funded by EFG include:

  • $1,000 to Baldwin Heights Elementary for a printmaking program
  • $1,812 to Greenville Middle School for a clay reclaiming station
  • $1,213 to Greenville Middle School for audiobook support
  • $500 to Cedar Crest Elementary for decodable books
  • $2,459 to Greenville Middle School for 6th Grade Science laboratory supplies and equipment
  • $2,495 to Greenville Middle School for Owl Pellet Dissection
  • $2,954 to Satterlee School for Zoo Career Exploring
  • $2,000 to the four elementary running clubs

EFG and GACF also co-funded a grant to Greenville Middle School to update the Table Tennis program, with EFG granting $4,400 and GACF granting $2,000.

“The Education Foundation of Greenville is pleased to partner with the Greenville Area Community Foundation, stated Wendy Baty, EFG Executive Director, “EFG is awarding just over $12,000 in Instructional Grants, and $64,000 in Wellness Grants to Greenville Public Schools. We are blessed to be part of a community so giving to our school system.”

The 2023 grants funded by GACF include:

  • $66,321 to the Belding High School Construction & Industrial Arts Program
  • $882 to Alpha Family Services for Spanish Language Parenting Courses
  • $2,572 to the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) for the Passport to Teaching program
  • $5,655 to Greenville Public Schools for decodable science books at Lincoln Heights Elementary
  • $35,000 to Junior Achievement for Greenville area programming
  • $12,500 to Greenville Public Schools for elementary science and social studies materials
  • $3,300 to Camp Greenwood for water quality equipment used in science education programs
  • $26,000 to Corewell Health Foundation West Michigan for Montcalm County School Behavioral Health Telemedicine Programs
  • $15,010 to Greenville Public Schools for expanded reading materials in elementary libraries
  • $69,902 to the Danish Cultural Center of Greenville for museum renovations
  • $24,216 to Greenville Public Schools for High School Wrestling Room updates
  • $4,500 to For Goodness Sake for the Holiday Helpers program
  • $6,000 to the Montcalm County 4H Fair Association for the Reading for Rides program
  • $21,066 to the First Congregational Church for HVAC upgrades
  • $5,000 for the Greenville Public Schools Opportunities for Success
  • $1,000 for St. Charles Catholic School Opportunities for Success

The following unrestricted funds supported the 2023 GACF grants: Sagendorf Education Fund, Ash Community Improvement Fund, and the Bill Braman Family Fund. Additional funds supporting this cycle include Ray J. and Mary G. Tower Family Fund, William and Harriette Cook Literacy Fund, Tom and Chris Kohn Family Fund, Sagendorf Opportunities for Success Fund, Montcalm Financial Literacy Fund, Carl Barberi Caring for Kids Fund, and the Lothian Fund for Youth.

“GACF is honored to have so many endowment funds supporting education and educational programs for schools and other nonprofits in our area. The history of our partnership with EFG is long and collaborative, and it has worked well to cover as many Greenville Public School needs as possible. We are also pleased to be able to support other nonprofits during the Spring Education Grant cycle. Requests from local organizations helps us extend other educational opportunities to the area, all done on behalf of our generous community members who give back through endowments at GACF.”

The Greenville Area Community Foundation exists to enhance the quality of life in the Greenville Area. Since its inception in 1989, GACF has grown to encompass the entire Montcalm County area through our geographic affiliates, the Lakeview Area Community Fund and the Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund.