Why should I talk to my clients about charitable giving? And when does it make sense to suggest a charitable gift?

Identifying your client’s philanthropic interests is a wonderful way to deepen your client’s trust and strengthen your relationship. It is also an opportunity to develop initial contact with future heirs. To determine your clients’ knowledge of philanthropy and uncover any motivation for charitable giving, you might start with questions like these:

    1. What has been the most satisfying charitable gift you have ever made? Why?
    2. Have you volunteered anywhere? Which volunteer experience has been the most rewarding?
    3. Which core value would you like to express through your giving?
    4. What are your greatest concerns when you think of the challenges facing our community?
    5. Are any of these the focus of your current giving or future giving plans?
    6. What have you learned about your giving? Would you do anything differently if you could?
    7. Is there a history of philanthropy in your family? Would you like to emulate it or would you like to change it?
    8. Are you interested in getting your children and grandchildren involved or are they already?
    9. What would you like to accomplish with your giving?
    10. If I could help you plan for the financial health of yourself and any heirs, would you consider giving back to your community through a community foundation?


Philanthropy is a very special decision. As a professional advisor, you can help your client realize their charitable objectives by asking these questions, explaining options and suggesting solutions and by listening for charitable giving opportunities. Interest and benefits to making significant gifts often arise when clients are making major business, personal, and financial decisions. Our staff can work with you and your client to recommend the best charitable solution.