Grant Review Process

Our grant review committee involves members of the GACF Board of Trustees, the Youth Advisory Councils, the Advisory Committees of the Lakeview and Montcalm Panhandle Community Funds and the Meijer Children’s Health Care Fund. These Advisory Committees seek final approval from The Greenville Area Community Foundation Board of Trustees.

Applications are studied carefully and prioritized according to community needs, fund purpose and youth needs assessments, then acted upon according to priority status and availability of funds. Every effort is made to work with applicants to make their efforts as successful as possible. Applicants can direct their applications to the GACF, the youth groups, the Lakeview / Montcalm Panhandle Funds or specific field of interest funds for consideration as long as the requests are unique to the fund’s priorities. Fields of interest include but are not limited to literacy, education and health care.