Grant Making Priorities

Over 95 Endowment funds make up the Greenville Area Community Foundation’s family of funds.  These funds exist to help fulfill our community’s needs in the areas of health, culture, education, environment, recreation, and community development. Grants from these funds reflect the variety and scope of the interests, needs and opportunities that exist in our community.  If you have a proposed program that benefits our community in these areas, we would encourage you to submit your application.

The GACF gives priority to the following:

  • Creative, “cutting edge” programs/projects that address emerging or new community needs.
  • Programs/projects that yield substantial community benefits for the resources invested and serve a broad segment of the community.
  • Programs/projects that address prevention as well as treatment.
  • Programs/projects that increase citizens’ commitment to meet community needs through involvement in the development and implementation of solutions.
  • Programs/projects that develop self-reliance and character and eliminate dependency.
  • Programs/projects that strengthen or support the family.
  • Programs/projects that will become self-sustaining without requiring ongoing foundation funds.
  • Programs/projects that have a strong possibility for replication, or benefiting other non-profits organizations facing similar problems.
  • Programs/projects that eliminate duplication of services and encourage cooperation within the community.

What will typically not be funded … but could be considered?

  • Annual fund-raising drives;
  • Endowments  or debt reduction;
  • Religious programs that advocate specific religious doctrines or do not serve the broader community;
  • General operating support, specifically on a year to year basis;
  • Projects, outside the geographic service area of the Greenville Area Community Foundation, that do not provide a major benefit to the local community.