How is GACF different from commercial charitable gift funds like Fidelity or others?

  • GACF is in the business of connecting donors with the causes they care about most.
  • We are a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to private foundations.
  • We will work diligently with donors to help them achieve a wide range of charitable giving objectives.
  • We accept a wide variety of assets.
  • We have a number of different fund types.
  • We offer more giving options for a lesser fee.
  • But again most importantly, we’re local to this community and much better positioned to connect your clients to the causes they care about most!

What are the tax benefits for my clients if they give through the Greenville Area Community Foundation?

The Greenville Area Community Foundation offers the maximum charitable tax advantages available by law.  Because of the nature of community foundations, we are not subject to the taxes and regulations affecting private foundations and we have greater flexibility on matters such as minimum payout.

How can I recommend a nonprofit gift without recommending a specific nonprofit to my clients?

By recommending giving through the GACF, you offer your clients a single, simple solution to all of their philanthropic intents. A community foundation is a trusted vehicle your clients can use to address the issues they care about most, while gaining maximum tax benefit under state and federal law. We are here to support all non-profit organizations as well as other foundations in our area. One way we can help you help your client achieve their charitable goals would be by setting up a charitable endowment fund in your client’s name. There are also many other giving options that we would be glad to discuss with you and your client.