Many people like to support endowment funds with a gift using cash, check or credit card. GACF has just started accepting credit card gifts and you can do that here – on line. Any size gift is welcome. You may give on-line by clicking on the “Give Now” button or send a check or credit card payment in the mail.

Please know that all contributions go to the GACF Unrestricted Fund unless otherwise noted. If you have a specific fund that you would like to contribute to please either click on the fund’s button below or contact the GACF to let us know which fund you want your gift to support. We can be reached at 616.754.2640 or via email using

Accepting credit cards gifts and doing so on-line is new to the GACF, so please let us know if you have any concerns. Our donation form is a secure page that will let you donate with a credit card.

click here for a complete list of funds.