10 reasons to give

Why Support the GACF?

GACF provides members of our community of modest or considerable means with the opportunity to return something to the community. By investing with your community foundation, you are contributing to a funding source that will make an immediate impact as well as a long-term difference in the quality of life in this area.

By setting up or contributing to a fund within the Greenville Area Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to give back to your community.

Donors can start their own fund with a gift of just $10,000 or they can contribute to funds already housed within the GACF. Funds can also be built over time using our “funds under construction” plan … contact GACF for more information.

Checks should be written to the Greenville Area Community Foundation or GACF and if a specific Fund is desired, the name of the Fund should be indicated on the Memo part of the check or send along a letter with your intent clearly identified. Mail the check to Greenville Area Community Foundation, 101 N. Lafayette, Greenville, MI 48838. Contact Alison Barberi, President & CEO, for information about endowment funds already in existence at GACF or questions about giving through your community foundation.

The GACF is here … for good, for ever! Its purpose is to strive to meet the ever-changing needs of the area and to promote philanthropy throughout the service area and it’s citizens … in perpetuity.



The mission of the Greenville Area Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the greater Greenville area.

To do this it will attract and hold permanent endowment funds from a wide range of donors. It will manage these funds to assure safety and growth. It will make grants directed to the community’s cultural, educational, social, environmental, recreational, and health-related concerns; and will function as a community leader and catalyst.