It was an exciting meeting held on August 23rd for the directors of the Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund (MPCF) and a total of $7,460 in grant awards were made at that time. The MPCF is a sub-fund of the Greenville Area Community Foundation, but is administered by local directors.

The first grant for 2017 was awarded to the Timothy Hauenstein Reynolds Township Library in the amount of $1,431 and was for their Story Walk project. This project will provide exhibit space to stories and events from the Historic Howard City Record and will display historic events and history of various things from Howard City’s early days. The project also will incorporate story-telling and early literacy learning with children in an outdoor setting.

The second grant was for $6,029 and will help the Village of Howard City with a roof restoration project for the Ensley Park Pavilion. Ensley Park is used extensively by residents of Howard City and the surrounding area and the often used pavilion is on the verge of some structural damage from deterioration of the current roof.

Both of the above grants will be put to use in early 2018 and are expected to be awarded by the end of this year.

The 2017 grant awards have pushed the historical grants from the MPCF to nearly $60,000 from their general fund. Assets of the general fund have reached a value in excess of $140,000 as of July 31, 2017, with an additional $114,000 in other donor advised funds.

Donations to the MPCF are eligible for a federal tax deduction and help to build a legacy within the local community. Donations can be made payable to the Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund at PO Box 596, Howard City, Michigan 49329. For information on how to consider building this legacy through will and estate planning, or for any other questions about the fund, please feel free to call (231) 937-6758.