All four Greenville elementary schools will benefit from a $100,000 grant to the Greenville Public School (GPS) district that will help fund a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. This was just one, although the largest, of the grants awarded recently through the combined efforts and resources of the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) and the Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG).

“This new curriculum will help ensure all students are proficient in reading by the end of third grade while also inspiring a life-long love of literacy,” says Chief Academic Officer, Michelle Blaszczynski. “We’re very thankful for the generous support shown by GACF with this grant, and of course the many grants supported by EFG as well. We whole-heartedly feel that these two local foundations give us an edge to keeping and offering the quality programs that GPS has worked so hard to maintain,” she added.

Over $226,900 in additional funding from the GACF and EFG will enhance the education of GPS students for the 2017-18 school year. Three grants were jointly funded by the GACF and EFG this year. Lincoln Heights will expand their literacy library because of a $2,500 grant, a $2,000 grant to Walnut Hills will purchase books to implement an art library in the art classroom, and a $1,500 grant to Greenville Middle School will allow for the purchase of audiobooks for use in the 8th grade English Language Arts classrooms.

The Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG) awarded eleven grants totaling $15,303 including the three grants jointly funded with the GACF.  The others were:

  • $2,259 to Baldwin Heights Elementary for a program that teaches social-emotional and self-regulation skills to students.
  • $1,228 for three sets of the Lego Mindstorm Education EV3 for Middle School Innovative Solutions students learning programming and robotics
  • $1,100 to purchase a 3D printer for the Middle School Innovative Solutions classroom
  • $1,800 to purchase new Industrial Education equipment at the Middle School
  • $886 for materials needed for High School welding and fabrication student projects, competitions and skills development
  • $1,715 for seven Chromebooks for use in High School current issues and history classes.

EFG also awarded two wellness grants: $1000 to support the GPS Junior Jacket Running Clubs and another $2,314 that will add testing equipment for strength and conditioning classes at the high school.

The GACF awarded grants from the Grace Sagendorf Education Fund, the Sagendorf Opportunities for Success Fund, the Ray J. & Mary G. Tower Family Fund, the Catherine Stall & June Motley Fund, and the Carl Barberi Caring for Kids Fund, the Lothian Fund for Youth and the GACF Unrestricted Fund. In total, $259,390 was awarded by the GACF with $211,669 going directly to Greenville Public Schools.

Additional grants awarded to GPS from the GACF include:

  • $25,856 will provide some 150 Greenville High School marching band students with new uniform components including pants, hats and plumes.
  • $4,897 grant to the Middle School to implement a Career Awareness and Exploration program – collaborating with Montcalm Community College to offer 12 student workshops that meet identified student interests within Michigan Career Pathways
  • $4,212 to fund a Summer Library Program for elementary & middle school students.
  • $10,366 grant to the High School for new equipment in the strength and conditioning room
  • Two $2,240 grants to purchase eight additional Chromebooks for two high school classrooms that serve students with mild cognitive impairments
  • Eighth grade math teachers will purchase two class room sets of graphing calculators with charging stations with a $7,500 grant
  • $48,358 grant to purchase a sound and projection system for the gymnasiums at Lincoln Heights and Baldwin Heights Elementary schools

Another $47,720 was awarded by the GACF to area non-profit organizations for great educational programs and projects throughout the county. Eight additional organizations received grants from the GACF including the Montcalm County Great Start Collaborative to help fund an Early Childhood Conference, Flat River Historical Society to renovate an existing room in the museum to be used as a classroom in collaboration with GPS; and the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District’s Seiter Education Center for the Arts in Motion Program.  Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes will deliver ten redesigned Junior Achievement It’s My Future blended learning programs to 250 seventh grade students at Greenville Middle School with a $5,000 grant for the 2017-18 school year. A $6,500 grant to Moose Creek Equine Center Therapeutic Resort, will provide scholarships for special needs children, their siblings and parents, as well as a sign for the new facility.  Additional grants went to Michigan Center for 21st Century Learning & Teaching to purchase an additional refrigerator/freezer for the IM Kids 3rd Meal Program because of increased numbers of children they are serving, and to the Women’s Action Network to support a Montcalm Coalition Against Human Trafficking educational movie night to educate and bring awareness to the community about human trafficking. A significant $14,000 grant went to Clay Street Center, a new adult day services facility in Greenville, to create a lifelong learning classroom where they will offer education, art, and music programs for older adults; as well as for caregiver education, support and training.

Greenville Public Schools and St. Charles Catholic School also received grants for their Opportunities for Success programs. These programs help students fulfill a need that might otherwise go unmet, and to help make the student more successful in their educational environment.

For further information on the Greenville Area Community Foundation and the grant process contact Amy O’Brien, GACF Director of Grants & Communications at or by phone at 616.754.2640. You can also visit the website at for applications and additional information. Questions about the Education Foundation of Greenville can be directed to Wendy Baty at or