We love to partner with the school system and other non-profits on innovative projects!

High School teachers Erin DeWind, Amy Lardie, and Hollie Stephenson were awarded a $31,147 grant for new classroom furniture during the 2016 Spring Educational Grant Cycle and love their transformed classrooms.

What a difference a few weeks has made with our new classroom furniture. Students are comfortable. They are able to both type and have a notebook on their desks simultaneously. The energy in our rooms has changed since students are comfortable and surrounded by the latest in furniture. Our rooms finally reflect our purpose: for students to collaborate and create to become global, informed citizens.
Because you are forward-thinking, there will be three classrooms that can act as labs, informing what future investments our district can make when refurnishing classrooms on a larger scale. Money can be spent on pieces that work and that last. We have both had multiple teachers pop in to start thinking about how their classrooms might be transformed.