How to Apply

Non-profit, tax-exempt organizations (under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), schools, municipalities and other government entities that serve a charitable purpose in the greater Greenville area are encouraged to apply to GACF for grants to fund programs or projects that adress the community’s educational, health, human service, environmental and recreational concerns.  Likewise, organizations in the Lakeview area are invited to apply to the Lakeview Area Community Fund and organizations that serve the panhandle area of Montcalm County can apply to the Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund; both administered by the GACF.   Applicants are encouraged to call the GACF office for help in understanding the grant process, and the various sources of funding.

The GACF staff is available for assistance at any time while completing the initial grant application.  Please allow at least 10 days before the deadline if you would like staff to review the application for the first time before submitting final copies of your application.

For a printable PDF version of our 2017/2018 grant cycle calendar click here.

Copies of our grant applications are available for download in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats:

GACF Program/Project (Microsoft Word-fillable): click here

GACF Program/Project (Pdf): click here

GACF Item/Piece of Equipment (Microsoft Word – fillable): click here

GACF Item/Piece of Equipment (Pdf): click here

Meijer Children’s Health Care Fund (Microsoft Word -fillable): click here

Meijer Children’s Health Care Fund (Pdf): click here

Lakeview Area Community Fund (Microsoft Word – fillable): click here

Lakeview Area Community Fund (Pdf): click here

Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund (Microsoft Word – fillable): click here

Montcalm Panhandle Community Fund (Pdf): click here


Grant Cycles

Grant applications are due each Spring and Fall.

The Spring Grant Cycle is for programs and projects with a strong educational component only and the grant if awarded is payable over the next school year. The Fall Grant Cycle includes general programs and projects and also a health related focus area. Successful applicants will be notified that grants are payable at the beginning of the next calendar year. The LACF and the MPCF make grants once a year in the fall.

Current deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring Educational Grant Cycle – Deadline falls at the beginning of March. (If you are a GPS applicant please check with your supervisor for specific dates.) Grants are awarded from the Grace Sagendorf Education Fund and the Sagendorf Opportunities of Success Fund, as well as, other donor advised funds if appropriate.
  • Lena & Fred Meijer Trail Fund Grant Cycle – Deadline falls mid-April and is specifically for Fred Meijer Trails in Montcalm County (Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, Fred Meijer Flat River Trail, and Fred Meijer White Pine Trail) with projects that need financial support. Grants are awarded from the Lena & Fred Meijer Fund.
  • Fall Health Grant Cycle – Deadline falls mid-August. Grants are awarded from the Meijer Children’s Health Care Fund (for area non-profits within Montcalm County that have programs or projects that affect health care for indigent children only).
  • Fall General Grant Cycle – Deadline falls mid-August and grants are awarded from donor advised, field of interest and designated funds, as well as, the GACF Unrestricted Fund.
  • Fall Youth Grant Cycle – Deadline falls mid-November and grants are awarded from the Kellogg Youth Fund at GACF and the Lakeview Youth Fund at LACF.

Contact the GACF office for specific deadlines as they may change from year to year.