People give through not to the Lakeview Area Community Fund

The mission of the Lakeview Area Community Fund is to enhance the quality of life in the Lakeview area by providing community focused grants.

In the spring of 2001, interested Lakeview citizens discussed the concept of having a community fund that would provide a future-funding base to enhance the quality of life in the Lakeview area. The group learned that this could easily be done by affiliating with the Greenville Area Community Foundation. The GACF would be responsible for administrative tasks for a small fund fee and the Lakeview group could concentrate on raising money and making the area aware of this new opportunity to give back to the community. With volunteers agreeing to become the first Advisory Committee – The Lakeview Area Community Fund (LACF) was on its way!

Since then twenty-four (24) new endowment funds have become part of the LACF family. They join the LACF Unrestricted Fund and include the Lena Rader Meijer Donor Advised Fund, The Bud Martin Family Fund (supports the LCWC), the Tamarack District Library Fund, the Lawrence & Pearl Padden Family Fund, the Spectrum Kelsey United for Health Fund and the Lakeview Youth Fund. Scholarship funds include the Rossman Family Scholarship Fund, the Wales Memorial Scholarship Fund, the James Kos Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Joe Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Clair & Alice Ellafrits Memorial Fund, the Elmer & Mary Coon Performing Arts Scholarship Fund, the Guilfoyle Family Scholarship Fund, the Abby & Todd Molitor Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ken & Aletha Scholarship Fund, the Lakeview Community Schools Calculus Scholarship Fund, the Alfred & Leona Kranz Scholarship Fund, the Bob & Mary Charnley Scholarship Fund, the Roger Betten Family Scholarship Fund, the Darwin & Ethelda Van Houten Scholarship Fund, the Lincoln Family Adult Scholarship Fund, the Darrell Proctor Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Trufant Area Scholarship Fund.

Members of the LACF Advisory Board include:  Board Chair Keith H. Treiber DDS, Vice-Chair Ken Rader, Treasurer Richard Nielsen, Brian Brasser, Sue Brockschmidt, Kim Carr, Jake Eckholm, Kyle Hamlin, Pat Hinrichs, Linda Huckins, Dallas Lincoln, Bud Martin, Hope Nobel, Andrew Padden, Tim Rasmussen, and Greg Thebo.

The market value of all funds stands at about $712,253 and over $166,300 has been given back to the community to date. These funds make up the Lakeview family of funds that will benefit the Lakeview area for years to come.

For more information about giving to The Lakeview Area Community Fund or starting an endowment fund in memory or honor of a loved one contact Keith Treiber DDS in Lakeview at 989.352.7752 or email at, or Alison Barberi, President/CEO of the Greenville Area Community Foundation at 616.754.2640 or email at

Click here for an LACF grant application template.